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Tom Hiddleston fandom, we need to have a talk. 

Guys, I am very disappointed and quite frankly, more than a little disturbed.

Now I have no problem with anyone going to Detroit in the hopes of seeing Tom, and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with hanging around film sets or public events like premieres to meet celebrities. At all! There’s always security around and as long as you’re being respectful, no harm done. 

But finding out the location of the hotel he’s staying at and freely sharing it with the internet at large?

Is. Not. Fucking. Acceptable.

Remember when, just a few weeks ago, the whole fandom was soooo upset about his private facebook photos being shared?

This is so much worse!

He may have tweeted his vague location, but the location for the filming of a movie is not at all the same thing as the precise BUILDING he’s LIVING in for however many weeks he will be in the city. He is a human being and deserves privacy, not people hounding him as he tries to go about his personal, non-work related business! Not to mention, I have seen some very fucking disturbing things being posted on tumblr by members of this fandom, extremely recently, from rape jokes directed at him to threats directed at his sister for being in his vicinity (!!!!). 

You may think, But I’m a respectful fan, and I love Tom and just want to tell him how much I admire his work! That’s great. I’m sure he’d be delighted to meet you. But you do NOT know that everyone in this fandom is trustworthy - and in fact, recently at least one person has proven not to be when they blatantly invaded his privacy. If you figured out where he’s staying, KEEP IT TO YOURSELF. If you’re a decent person, you won’t put his personal information, HIS TEMPORARY ADDRESS, out there for anyone to find. You just don’t know what someone else will do with that information.

And don’t wait outside his room or his elevator or whatever, that’s just impolite. It may not be his actual home, but for now it is, and he deserves to have peace and privacy. I swear to god, he may be nearly impervious to getting creeped out by his fans, but shit like this eventually WILL cross the line and he will become inaccessible. You have the power to make his career and his life better by being great fans who keep respectful distance, or you can ruin it for him by only caring about your own gratification. DON’T FUCKING BLOW IT.

And if you’ve shared the location of his hotel, I strongly suggest that you rescind that information and censor anything specific in the photos you share. It isn’t that hard, and it could actually keep him SAFE, which I think we can all agree we care about!

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