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merovingians replied to your post: crisis averted i think

oh sweetie are you okay?

yeah I think so. I just had a really bad anxiety attack last night but seem to have calmed down considerably. it was way out of proportion with what actually happened to trigger it, though, so i think it was a sign i need to seek some help. luckily i found out that a local university does free counseling sessions with graduate students. i think that’ll do me a lot of good.

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merovingians replied to your post: someone stop me from buying this dress

omg colors

i bought it and i’m gonna wear it to see The National next month. not even sorry. 

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merovingians replied to your post: oh my god how do u initiate conversation with…

I just got a ‘you like medieval things and have a picture holding a cat’ win win.

yay!!!! ngl, that’s pretty much my strategy too. “hey you like cats and books and stuff, let’s go hang out and talk about those things bc i like them too!”

i’m so smooth~

   23 Apr 13   

merovingians replied to your post: i had a dream last night that something i REALLY…

my subconscious decided to fuck with me in Ireland by dreaming I’d gotten together with Meera Reed Girl. I wanted to beat my own head in.

that’s essentially the same BS my brain decided to pull with me. it suuuuucks. i’m really sorry, babe. *HUGS*

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well, I think you are extremely pretty, for what it’s worth. *hugs*

shit i almost missed this! thank you <3 *hugs*


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merovingians replied to your post: i think i’m going to start Band of Brothers…

probably true, the hating happiness bit. but it’s damn good television.

it’s true though, I tend to like things that make me sad the most. (in fiction, anyway. not irl.) and my dad has been trying to get me to watch it for YEARS. i’ve always wanted to see it and i’m pretty sure i’ll love it, so i have no idea why it’s taken me so long. the pretty box set has been sitting around in my house since it was released. he has The Pacific too, so I’ll also watch that.


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merovingians replied to your post: merovingians replied to your post: wow Boomer wtf…

basically she gets wrapped around Cavil’s finger and Cavil is just the creepiest motherfucker.

ugh eww. I kinda figured they were going that route but WHYYYY

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merovingians replied to your post: wow Boomer wtf why did you do that

oh no. ack Boomer’s entire story in S4 is pretty unfortunate and not a little gross.

They skipped over some major development with her. I don’t understand why she decided not to side with the rebels - bc they never bothered to explain it. So what she’s doing now (e19), while not completely ooc, just feels wrong. I feel like the series has been dragging its feet for a few eps and 19 was kind of a sorry attempt to bring in new conflicts. I honestly think this is the first time I’ve really noticed the infamous quality dip. It wasn’t quite reaching the heights of the earlier seasons, but I thought the first part of s4 was still pretty great, now I’m like, they must not have known where to go after that big revelation… sigh.

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merovingians replied to your post: omg Bill u r overreacting dude

I adore EJO, but sometimes he really overdoes it.

He’s one of my favorite actors so I’m choosing to blame the director for telling him to respond to Saul’s confession like it’s the WORST thing that has EVER happened lol. Or maybe I just don’t get it bc I didn’t survive a genocide and apocalypse??

favorite non-ASOIAF characters from any fandom

omg u gotta be kidding me, i have been consuming media since i was born!

i’ll narrow it down to popular tumblr fandoms so i don’t hurt myself. not trying to be “cooler than thou” or anything, but a lot of my absolute favorites are from more obscure books and movies.

- Aragorn, LOTR

- Hermione, Harry Potter

- Marya Morevna, Deathless

- Wesley, BTVS & Angel

- Leia Organa, Star Wars

merovingians replied to your photo: i’m procrastinating bc I can’t decide what to do…

jsyk you are really pretty

thank you! :D my hair is shiny today, it is quite pleasing (and my post-hot sauce flush finally went away lol)

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   14 Sep 12   

merovingians replied to your post: welp I finished BSG s3 i d e k

unfortunately…it doesn’t really make any more sense in S4. which is one of it’s major problems.

oh dear :|


   14 Sep 12   

merovingians replied to your post: this ep where they don’t have any food is making…


sobbing rn

still hungry tho :|


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merovingians replied to your photo: i cant

sigh. but not everyone embraces the wild dysfunction and destructive spiraling that is Pilots shipping. and I get that.

I can’t do cheating ships most of the time. Earlier I was interested in it, but now… I like their spouses way too much, it just makes me super uncomfortable and sorta angry. But obviously I’m not finished with it so maybe I’ll come around :P

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merovingians replied to your post: i am being severely emotionally compromised by…

it’s baddddd. where are you?

I just started s2e8. I’ve been ugly crying through every episode since the end of s1, and I cried during a few earlier episodes too. Not even exaggerating a little bit, this is definitely the most emotional rollercoaster-y show I’ve ever watched. Now I’m all worried about it going downhill bc of course I am so attached to all the characters :(


   07 Sep 12